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Streaming Music - Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of information does the publisher need from me before I request a streaming quote?
  • Is the stream Audio ONLY or Audio/Video?
  • How long would you like to post the stream online?
  • What is the website where you will be posting?
    (Radio, TV, orchestra website, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc.)
  • Is the stream of a concert performance or a staged performance?

  1. What are the different types of audio streams?
    1. Interactive Streaming (also called On-Demand):
      The user chooses exactly what they want to listen to on the service and what songs are played next. For example, services like Spotify and Apple Music offer interactive streaming because you can pick and choose exactly what you want to listen to. This includes a specific website (such as an orchestra's).
    2. Non-Interactive Streaming:
      Essentially, an online radio service where you cannot choose the songs that play next. For example, the service that Pandora originally became known for is considered non-interactive as you are unable to select certain songs and can only select stations.
  2. Do I need permission to stream an archival audio recording?
    • If the recording is derived from a performance where rental materials are used, and the stream is non-interactive, an enhanced rental fee may be charged. Yes, permission is required.
    • If the recording is derived from a set of performance materials that you own…
  3. If the radio station that is streaming your recording says that it already has a license, why do you need one from the publisher?
    • While the radio station's website may have a PRO (Performing Rights Organization) license which allows it to stream the audio, you are still required to check with the publisher for permission to further use the audio.
  4. What if I want the audio stream to be downloadable?
  5. What if I would like to stream a commercial recording?
  6. What if I would like to audio-stream an opera or staged performance?
    • A synchronization license will be required. Please check with our Licensing Coordinator:
    • Also, contact our Licensing Coordinator if you rented the performance materials.

  1. Who should I contact if I want to stream a video performance of an opera on YouTube or our website?
  2. Who should I contact if I want to stream my archived video of my concert performance on a website?
  3. Who should I contact if I want to do a one-time-only “LIVE” stream (concurrent with the live performance)?
    • You should notify the Rental Department when placing a rental order. An enhanced rental fee will be included in your rental contract.
    • If you own the materials from which you performed, a synchronization license is required.

For additional information regarding these guidelines visit the Music Publishers Association of the United States:
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