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To Register
1 Send an email to OnDemand@Schirmer.com with your full name and organization.
2 We will respond to your email within one business day to provide you with instructions including links to download the free Safeguard PDF viewer and your registration key. (NB: Installation and registration of the viewer on an office computer may require your network administrator's assistance.)
3 After installing and registering the Viewer you are ready to "go digital" with ScoresOnDemand.
4 Chamber music samples are in Acrobat format. A registered Viewer is not required.
Two libraries:
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Complete scores (large works) & samples
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  Complete scores may be viewed up to ten times before expiring.
Sample scores (chamber and solo excerpts) in Acrobat format do not expire.
  Rental scores may be printed up to three times. When printing, keep in mind that scores are formatted for various paper sizes. It may be necessary to adjust your computer's print settings to fit the contents to your paper size.
Scores currently available in commercial print publication through our exclusive print distributor, Hal Leonard, may be viewed on-screen or purchased from a music retailer but not printed.
All sample scores (excerpts of chamber and solo works) in Acrobat format can be printed.
  After viewing a score on ScoresOnDemand, you may choose to request printed perusal scores from the G. Schirmer Rental Library. Scores currently available in commercial print publication sold by your music dealer or sold as Print-On-Demand from the Schirmer Rental Library are not available on perusal.  
Tell us via email about your experiences with ScoresOnDemand and the Safeguard PDF Viewer.  
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