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Grand Rights: Opera, Ballet, Dance  
Please Note
  • The downloadable form is intended to assist you in applying for performance rights associated with the use of our copyrighted music in conjunction with additional artistic elements such as choreography, staging, and costuming. G. Schirmer does not grant permission for the rights to use audio recordings in performance, only the rights to use the music contained on recordings.
  • The Music Sales Classical Hire/Rental Libraries require all orders to be confirmed in writing, allowing at least one month’s advance notice before materials are required in order to receive the most efficient service. Please note that orders delivered from the Schirmer Rental and Performance Library require a signed contract which will be issued once the order is received.
  • All parties are independently responsible to report any and all additional aspects of their performances that require further licensing, such as the use of recordings, any broadcasts (internet, radio, or television), touring outside of the country, the intention to record/distribute performances, and text translation. Failure to do so may result in penalty fees and/or additional billing. Please feel free to include an additional cover letter detailing any further requests for use of materials and/or rights.
  • Use our Adobe Acrobat form to submit Grand Rights Requests — instructions are provided on the form.
    Grand Rights Request Form:
    1) Download and open the ZIP file. 2) Copy its Acrobat PDF file to your computer and close the ZIP file. 3) Open the Acrobat file and fill out the form. 4) Print, save, and send via postal mail, E-mail, or fax.
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